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Arti Kata mengundat-undat

mengundat-undat: (Java) dig up old grievances.

Related Words

(Java) dig up old grievances.
Tidak ada kata yang sesuai dalam KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia)


Arti Kata Lainnya

menyelubungi: cover with a veil or wrapper.
simpanse: chimpanzee.
mononuklir: mononuclear
memarkir: park
cerdas: intelligent, educated, shrewd, clever, mentally agile
basi: 1. 1) spoiled, stale. 2) stale, out-of-date, not topical. 2. 1) commission, fee. 2) overtime or extra pay. 3) reduction (in price), discount. 3. 1) bowl, dish. 2) serving dish. 4. see BASA-BASI.
penyumbatan: clogging, obstruction, blockage
berkutet - kutetan: 1 be locked tightly together. 2 be deeply involved in a discussion. 3 refuse to give in, maintain a never say-die attitude. 4 struggle to the utmost for s.t., want s.t. at all costs.
nasip: see NASIB.
menjijiki: nauseate, loathsome to