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Arti Kata syubhat

syubhat: s.t. dubious.


Arti Kata Lainnya

dengkir: chirp
pengawetan: preserving, conservation
gerundel: complain, pout
girik: 1 ID card. 2 chit, voucher. 3 title of land ownership (containing land measurements). 4 schedule of rounds by guards.
tante: 1 Ma`am, form of reference and address for European, China, or Westernized women 30 or older. 2. aunt.
interes: interest in s.t.
gading: elephant tusk, ivory, ivory color
gitik: (Vul., SL.) meng-gitik have sex with a woman.
thian: /tian/ (China) heaven, God.
bungkem: see BUNGKAM.

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