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Arti Kata sun

sun: kiss on the cheek.



Arti Kata Lainnya

santel: see CANTEL.
kep.: 1. [keputusan] decision, decree. 2. [kepulauan] archipelago.
gacok,gacuk: the marble, card, etc. which o. picks as the means of winning in children`s game of marbles, cards, etc., where the object is to accumulate marbles, etc.
rasial: racial.
peruri: [Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia] The Indonesian National Mint.
camuk: stab
kesot: ber-, meng- kesot 1 drag o.s. along on the ground (e.g. of small tot, a disabled person). 2 shuffle, not lift o.`s feet.
kala: time, era, period, age, tense, scorpion, mare
krukas: crankcase.
potong: piece, lump, slice

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