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Arti Kata siklometri

siklometri: cyclometry

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Arti Kata Lainnya

tidak: no, no [not at all ]., not [{to negate verb, ective or adverb} ]. 4. prefix un- not [{used to make the negative} ].
cus: sound of fizzing or sizzling (i.e. water poured on a fire).
celep: dye
ngompoli: make s.t. wet by urinating in it.
menangguk: fish with such a net or scoop.
pengumpil: level, crowbar
sumbu: wick, fuse
boyong: a move from one place to another
berundan: 1 protracted, drawn out in stages. 2 in different levels (as the roof of certain houses).
nyamikan: /nyamii`an/ 1 (Java) sweet anacks, candy. 2 (Coll.) mistress.