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Arti Kata pombensin

pombensin: gas station.

Related Words

gas station.
Tidak ada kata yang sesuai dalam KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia)


Arti Kata Lainnya

sakelek: (Coll.) matter-of-fact, businesslike.
lurut: 1. 1) draw o.`s hand over s.t. firmly. 2) massage (by pressing in long strokes). 3) strip off (leaves, etc.) by squeezing between the fingers and pulling lengthwise. 2 see LURUH.
awur: 1 meng-awur scatter, sow. 2 (me)ng-awur do s.t. at random, blindly.
tertatih: lumbered
bahu: shoulder
penghambatan: obstruction
umroh: (Islam) perform a pilgrimage to Mecca (us. not during the hajj season) omitting some of the ritual (e.g. the visit to the fields of Arafah).
hambalang: a great deal of violence (esp. in reference to martial art films).
kis: box, chest.
menjarangkan: thin out, dilut, space