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Arti Kata dipenjara dalam Kamus Indonesia ke Inggris. Terjemahan/translate maksud kata definisi pengertian makna dan Bahasa Inggris dari arti kata dipenjara.

Arti Kata dipenjara

dipenjara: in the nick



Arti Kata Lainnya

berubah: change, become different
lha: (Java) 1 Well, yes, of course ! (particle conceding the obvious). 2 well now (particle bringing previous discussion to its conclusion. That is it ! (particle of recognition).
reprep: (Jakarta) torn.
unggas: bird, fowl, esp. as scientific term.
keeper: /kiper/ (Sport) goalie.
susut: shrink, decrease
tiban: see DUKUN.
menempel: adhere, patch
mengeraskan: harden
volunter: a volunteer.

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