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Arti Kata berkutet - kutetan

berkutet - kutetan: 1 be locked tightly together. 2 be deeply involved in a discussion. 3 refuse to give in, maintain a never say-die attitude. 4 struggle to the utmost for s.t., want s.t. at all costs.


Arti Kata Lainnya

sisa: residue, remainder
arsenat: arsenate
sosiawati: a social-minded or altruistic woman.
mencap: stamp, place a seal on, brand, stigmatize
meremajakan: rejuvenate
gana-gini: see GONO-GINI.
bahri: see BAHARI2.
sonebril: (Coll.) sunglasses.
menawarkan: 1. make (magic, etc.) ineffective. 2. offer s.o. or s.t. (for sale, use, in marriage, etc.).
gerbas-gerbus: sound of rustling.