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Arti Kata bentil

bentil: nipple, teat.

Related Words

nipple, teat.
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Arti Kata Lainnya

menggampangkan: facilitate, smooth, take lightly
pelestarian: perpetuation, preservation
icip: icip-icip food sample. meng-icip(i) taste, try.
mandeng: (Java) knowing o.`s proper position.
cengger: see JENGGER.
ci: 1) 1/10 of a tahil or 2/15 of an ounce. duit-ci k.o China coin with a square hole in the middle. 2) a measure of weight used in illicit drug deals.
menggeratkan: gnash
kada: (Islam) 1 divine decree. 2 make up for unobserved days of fasting month or for missing o. of obligatory prayers.
eropa,eropah: Europe, European.
abstraksi: abstraction