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Arti Kata amubawi

amubawi: amoebic

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Tidak ada kata yang sesuai dalam KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia)


Arti Kata Lainnya

blau: (Coll.) 1 blue. 2 laundry bluing. ke-blau-an bluish.
ulam: raw vegetable side dish with rice.
hartawan: wealthy person
coker: scratch around for food.
grendel: latch, door bolt
kompetis: pur
soal: problem, matter
lha: (Java) 1 Well, yes, of course ! (particle conceding the obvious). 2 well now (particle bringing previous discussion to its conclusion. That is it ! (particle of recognition).
gatal: itch, cager for
paskah: easter